Southern California Teamsters local reports big contract wins

Organizing and mobilizing at the University of California system pays off, as Teamsters Local 2010, which successfully organized tens of thousands of workers at the system campuses last year, reported big contract wins to the Southern California Teamster.

Three UC bargaining units achieved “significant wage increases,” while “protecting the benefits of our members,” Secretary-Treasurer Jason Rabinowitz wrote. The other, the system’s 12,000 administrative and support workers, were forced to strike to get a contract.

“These accomplishments were not given to us. Our achievements are due to the hard work, dedication and commitment of Local 2010 members, activists, and leaders. I want to extend thanks and acknowledge contributions of all who showed strength and determination these past years during our member power building campaigns and countless workplace actions. Now we must continue to build our union and stand together as Teamster members, so we can face the great challenges, and the great opportunities that lie ahead,” he said.

The contract details included:

• By 97.4 percent-3.6 percent, the CX bargaining unit ratified a 5-year contract. “With nearly 5,000 members casting their vote, this contract ratification is the most widely participated event in the history of Teamsters Local 2010. Not only did members vote in record numbers, but 552 workers signed up to become full-Teamster members,” said Rabinowitz.

He attributed the win to “incredible work, dedication, and solidarity of activists and leaders from every part of California” which “showed the UC our strength and won a contract that will benefit our members and their families.”

The contract includes “substantial” yearly raises, one after ratification in April and the others every July 1. Workers also got a lump sum payment. And it “limits and protects against  increases in retirement and medical contributions, and parking fees,” while improving workplace rights including protections against arbitrary “termination for misconduct.”

• Skilled trades workers at UC-San Diego ratified their first-ever contract by a 98 percent-2 percent margin. It’s also a five-year pact with a lump sum payment, an immediate raise in March 2017 and yearly hikes each July 1 until 2021.  “The new contract also protects our guaranteed retirement and helps protects our health benefits,” Rabinowitz said.

• A year of bargaining and hard work brought a new 5-year pact to UCLA skilled trades workers, who ratified it by a 91 percent-9 percent margin. They too got “significant wage increases” every July “and a large lump-sum for non-probationary employees while protecting our retirement,” Rabinowitz explained.

• Rabinowitz also reported that a strike the local had to call among its 12,000 administrative professionals against the universities system-wide resulted in a new contract. It too has “guaranteed raises for the 12,000 administrative, clerical, and support workers across the UC. This is truly an accomplishment that we can all be proud of.”

Source: PAI