Sign The Petition to Stop Cami Anderson’s One Newark Plan!

Recently, five Newark, NJ principals were unjustly suspended by Superintendent Cami Anderson. The reason: for simply supporting community members and speaking out against the closures of public schools.

Immediately following the announced suspensions, AFSA President Woodard traveled to Newark to meet with the principals and pledge AFSA’s support.  “Superintendent Anderson has seemingly plowed forward blindly, ignoring school leaders and disregarding our input as the people most responsible for running the public schools. And now, in this case, our school leaders are being punished for their input,” stated Woodard.

As school leaders, our responsibility lies with what is best for our students and schools. The efforts to bully these principals and stop them from speaking up for what they see as best for their community defies public education and is completely unacceptable.

Pledge YOUR support for these principals, and for the children, parents and communities they serve, by signing the petition to oppose Superintendent Anderson’s ill-advised One Newark plan:

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Tell Cami Anderson you stand united with parents, students, teachers, school support staff, community members and principals to take back our schools and reclaim the promise of public education.