Show Support on National Children’s Grief Awareness Day

Today is National Children’s Grief Awareness Day and we take the time to focus on the importance of addressing childhood bereavement.

The Shared Grief Project and New York Life Foundation share a message about how to show support on this significant day with this new resource available:

Childhood bereavement is surprisingly common: one in every seven Americans loses a sibling or parent before turning 20, and nine out of ten children experience the death of a family member or friend by the time they complete high school.  Children often struggle under the burden of grief, facing social, academic, behavioral, and psychological challenges as a result.

Unfortunately, in our death-averse society, children who have lost a loved one often suffer in silence and isolation, with scarce opportunities to share their feelings of grief.  This means that the difficult and complex emotions that they experience – including sadness, anger, loneliness, confusion, and guilt – remain unvoiced and unshared much of the time.  As a result, many grieving children and, in turn, their families, do not receive the care and support from others that they need so acutely.

The simple fact that they are not alone is one of the most important messages that a grieving child can receive.  Through the Shared Grief Project, we hope to communicate this message through the personal testaments of high-profile figures who can offer a sense of empathy, solidarity, and hope during a difficult time to grieving children and their families.

One way to send a message of support and show grieving students that they’re not alone is to share these stories of celebrities and star athletes who experienced the loss of a loved one growing up. Learn more at