Service Employees Win Re-Run Vote Among Kaiser Workers

OAKLAND, Calif. —The Service Employees won a rerun representation election among Kaiser Health Care workers in California, the National Labor Relations Board’s Oakland, Calif., regional office announced on May 2.

In the vote, the biggest such tally in the private sector in years, SEIU beat the National Union of Health Care Workers/California Nurses Association (NUHC) 18,844-13,101, with 1,163 votes combined for neither union, void or challenged. The unions have a week to appeal the results.

The mail ballot, among 45,000 eligible workers, was a rerun of a vote three years ago that pitted SEIU against NUHC, which broke away from the larger union before that.

The NLRB had thrown out the results of the first vote, which SEIU had also won. Its administrative law judge found hospital chain management illegally interfered with that balloting by supporting SEIU. That relationship between Kaiser management and the larger union had led NUHC to break away in the first place, but its leaders illegally used union resources to do so, a federal judge ruled earlier this year.