Senators Set Date for NCLB Markup

POLITICO Pro reported that Sens. Lamar Alexander and Patty Murray have stated they are aiming for a markup of their No Child Left Behind bill the week of April 13.

Contrary to the current state of the Republican’s NCLB rewrite hanging in limbo and lawmakers being on a one-week recess, Alexander, Murray and the Senate HELP Committee have said they’re “making significant progress in our negotiations.”

“You’re never through until you’re through, and you’re not through yet,” Alexander said.

With the Senate having three weeks in session and two weeks of recess between now and the new target date for the markup, Alexander said he still hopes to move the bill forward on the Senate floor this spring.

Details of the negotiations have not been disclosed, making it hard to know specifically what the bill will contain when it’s done. Alexander has said will give plenty of time for input by allowing sufficient amendments both in committee and on the Senate floor.

American Federation of Teachers representatives met with eighteen Senate offices on Capital Hill March 10 urging them to fix the outdated law. They also urged senators to include current requirements for paraprofessionals in the next version of the law.