Senate Democrats push for teacher improvement, leadership funding

Thirty Democratic senators are urging Senate appropriators to provide at least $2.3 billion in Title II, Part A funding, or federal funds for teacher and principal improvement and professional development.

The grant program was not funded in President Donald Trump’s fiscal 2018 budget proposal.

In a letter, the Democrats also ask for $30 million for a small program under the Every Student Succeeds Act aimed at strengthening leadership in schools that need it most. The president’s budget would also eliminate that program, called the School Leadership Recruitment and Support Program, now funded at about $16 million.

In April, 15 House Democrats and one Republican also penned a letter urging $30 million for the program.

“These targeted federal investments can have a huge influence on locally-driven efforts to get well-prepared, well-supported principals in our highest-need schools,” the Democratic senators said, adding that both programs help ensure “school leaders have access to the preparation and support that enable them to drive positive change for students and teachers.”

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