Senate Democrats Propose Education Funding in $1 Trillion Infrastructure Plan

Today Senate Democrats are announcing a $1 trillion infrastructure plan that will create over 15 million new jobs. Below are excerpts describing education-related pieces of the proposal.  Read the one pager and the blueprint. 


  •       Strengthening America’s Public Schools $75 billion – Creating 975,000 New Jobs


We will invest $75 billion to jumpstart public school modernization. The funds would be distributed on a formula basis to the public schools with the greatest and most urgent needs. Funding will ensure that school construction and modernization projects can get underway quickly without placing an undo financial burden on local taxpayers. We will also reauthorize the Qualified Zone Academy Bonds program and expand its use to help public schools located in economically-distressed and high-poverty communities invest in their school districts


  •       Investing in America’s Public Lands & Tribal Infrastructure $20 billion – Creating 260,000 New Jobs

We will invest $20 billion in federal funding in public lands and tribal infrastructure. This includes funding for construction, maintenance and restoration projects at the four Federal land management agencies – the National Parks Service, the US Forest Service, the Bureau of Land Management, and the US Fish and Wildlife Service. We also propose significant federal funding, above current tribal set asides in other programs, for tribal health care facilities, schools, roads, public safety maintenance and other construction needs.