Sen. Harris Says Armed School Staff Could Endanger Minority Students

Politico reports, Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) said today that the Trump administration’s support for training and arming school staff could endanger students, particularly African-American and Hispanic students.

Harris said research has suggested that law enforcement officials hit their intended targets less than 20 percent of the time.

“Now we’re talking about giving teachers some limited training on using a gun,” she said during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing. “I would suggest that their numbers aren’t going to be any better than that.”

The White House on Sunday night announced backing for a new DOJ program that would aid states that seek to train teachers and other school personnel to carry firearms, as part of a package of steps to curb school violence.

Harris also noted that African-American students and Hispanic students are disproportionately affected by harsh disciplinary practices.

She asked FBI acting Deputy Director David Bowdich about the Trump administration’s proposal and whether teachers need training when it comes to addressing implicit bias.

Bowdich said he’s representing the FBI and declined to offer his personal opinion, but add that “training is necessary on all fronts.”

By Caitlin Emma