Seafarers celebrate 50th anniversary of Paul Hall Academy

PINEY POINT, Md.—On the eve of their union’s convention, the Seafarers celebrated the 50th anniversary of the founding of their industry-leading training school, the Paul Hall Center for Maritime Training and Education.

The name honors the union’s second president, who combined four regional schools into one and located it at Piney Point, Md., just off Chesapeake Bay.

“If I had to summarize what the school means to our union, I would say it’s one of the keys to our future, and it’s the hub of the ship’s wheel,” union President Michael Sacco wrote in Seafarers Log.

“Although we’re constantly working with the Coast Guard and others to ease regulatory burdens on mariners, there will always be training requirements” for seafarers, he continued. “I suspect our industry will always be closely regulated. This means there will be an ongoing need for department-specific training as well as general shipboard safety classes for mariners.”

Sacco said Hall envisioned the school’s role and acquired the Piney Point site before land prices in the area started to skyrocket. “He wouldn’t have been shocked by the school’s success, but would have been pleasantly surprised by the high-tech details and refinements,” Sacco wrote.

Source: PAI