School Leadership Program Grants: Title II, Elementary and Secondary Education Act

School Leadership Program Grants support initiatives that address the leadership needs of the New York City Department of Education school leaders. The Executive Leadership Institute is a sub-contractor that offers program development and strategic support to principals and aspiring principals. The program provides school leaders hands-on relevant training and meaningful workshops that give real time feedback on observations and useful interactions with other principals and aspiring principals. 


The School Leadership program offers competitive grants to help districts in high-need areas recruit and retain principals and assistant principals. Grants may be used to offer financial incentives for aspiring new principals, provide stipends to principals who mentor new principals, and carry out professional development programs in instructional leadership and management.

Funding History (in millions)           

FY 2012                    FY 2013                      FY 2014 President’s Request

$29.11                        $27.58                        $97.99


Impact of President’s Budget

This program historically receives many more grant applications than can be funded. The additional funds proposed would help meet that demand, and greatly assist in training highly effective leaders in high-need schools and districts. As the instructional leader of a school, the principal plays a unique and important role in implementing reform and creating a climate that fosters excellence in teaching and learning.  In today’s achievement-focused atmosphere, the stewardship provided by the principal of a school is even more crucial.


Impact of Sequestration

A 5 percent cut would result in a loss of $1.5 million in funding for school leadership grants. This drastic cut would severely limit efforts by States and districts to provide leadership training and recruitment of school leaders and hamper progress on school reforms. This cut would also come at a time when States are struggling with budget shortfalls and slashing their education budgets. This could result in significant job loss and be harmful to continued economic recovery efforts.


Program Need

The School Leadership program is the only federal initiative that directly addresses the difficulty of attracting and retaining high-quality candidates to positions as principals in high-need districts. Although there is an allowable use of Title II funds for principal training, this funding has not been effective in ensuring principals are included in ongoing professional development and mentoring activities.


Contact Information           

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