Reverend Addresses Race Issue Workers Face

RALEIGH, NC – Reverend William Barber expressed his concern for race to International Labor Communications Association (ILCA) convention delegates in Raleigh, North Carolina on September 24-26.

“Workers and citizens who wanted to build power for progressive causes – including the right to unionize and collectively bargain—in the South must take the issue of race seriously,” Barber says.

As the creator and leader, Barber established the Moral Mondays movement in North Carolina to secure the attention of political and economic elite who deny the people the right to vote.

“Topping those issues, and addressing the issue of race, is restoring and strengthening the power of the federal Voting Rights Act, returning the right to vote to disenfranchised minorities, particularly African-Americans,” said Barber. “If we ever get to the heart of the matter and see the game of race-baiting the oligarchy is playing on us, we can change America.”

Based on census data, there is a need for change to happen because the South is the fastest-growing and least-unionized area in the nation.

Data proves that North Carolina is dead last in union density, following behind South Carolina, Texas and Florida. Employers are still favoring Whites and pitting against minorities, which has been the issue for low union density for decades.

“Policies that hurt workers are just wrong. Policies that deny living wages are just wrong. Policies that hurt are just wrong,” Barber explained.

Source: PAI