Resolutions: Citizens and Voter Rights

A resolution on Citizens and Voter Rights was introduced in convention asserting that the nation is faced with a multi-pronged attack on the rights of workers, in both the private and public sectors, including attacks on the negotiated contracts that have been earned through the collective bargaining process.


Many states and interest groups have embraced an exclusionary trend toward immigrants’ rights, voter rights and are seeking restrictions on such rights as granted by the 15th Amendment to the Constitution. Unions – especially public sector unions – are being vilified and politically diminished and bullied by elected officials, driving down union membership nationwide.


AFSA’s resolution recognized the need to clarify the ethical and legal landscape of voter registration and identification, and chose to do so by supporting and encouraging the revitalization of curriculum and instruction on the importance of voting, organizing and collective bargaining as a strategy to fully inform and educated voters and prevent the further erosion of citizens’ precious civil rights.


This resolution has been passed.