Report Shows Male-Female Pay gap at 78 Cents Per Dollar

WASHINGTON –The pay gap between working men and women remained at 78 cents per dollar last year, shorting the median wage for working women – compared to men with equivalent backgrounds and equivalent jobs – by $10,876 each year, a new report says.


The National Partnership for Women and Families issued An Unlevel Playing Field on April 14, Equal Pay Day.  On that day, the median full-time working woman’s wages, for 2014 and succeeding weeks and months, reaches the same figure as the median working man’s wages at the end of 2014.  The median is the point where half of the group is above and half below.  And the 78-cents-per-dollar ratio has barely budged for years.


“This shows women and families are losing thousands of dollars in critical income each year that could pay for significant amounts of food, rent, gas, child care and other basic necessities. And the very women whose wages are especially critical to their families are suffering the most. The effects ripple throughout our economy,” said National Partnership President Debra Ness.


Organized labor, congressional Democrats and President Barack Obama (D) all advocate federal legislation to help close the pay gap, including the Paycheck Fairness Act, to put enforcement teeth into 53-year-old federal equal pay laws.


Congress’ ruling Republicans are another matter: They have pigeonholed prior equal pay legislation in the House, without even a hearing.  And even when Senate Republicans were in the minority in the last Congress, they filibustered it to death.


Single mothers are paid just 58 cents for every dollar paid to fathers, the report says. African-American mothers are paid 56 cents per dollar paid to dads, while Latina mothers are paid 49 cents per dollar, a chart in the report says.


Louisiana is the state with the largest pay gap: 66 cents for every dollar a man earns.  Washington, D.C., had the smallest gap: 91 cents/dollar. New York was second, at 86 cents.


Source: PAI