Rep. Paul Ryan and Sen. Patty Murray Reach Budget Agreement

Today’s compromise between Senate Budget Chairman Patty Murray and House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan provides much needed relief from the harmful policy of sequestration. While not without its flaws, the compromise restores almost two-thirds of the cuts to education and other nondefense discretionary (NDD) programs in 2014, although with less relief to come in 2015. Most notably for schools, it restores a critical level of stability for the next two fiscal years, allowing school leaders to plan and run schools accordingly. It also will allow for passage of appropriations bills through regular order, a very welcome improvement from approaching the several recent “fiscal cliffs” and governing by crisis.

Supporting this deal and building on the bipartisan momentum created by Chairman Murray and Chairman Ryan is the right step in working toward a responsible, well-balanced approach to addressing our long-term fiscal challenges and a permanent replacement to sequestration.

If Congress does not approve the agreement, we will see another year of devastating sequestration cuts. This is not what the public wants, and it certainly is not what our schools, children, low-income families, and seniors need.