Regulation Fees Increase Building Costs, Not Labor Unions

NEW YORK –The cost to build in New York City is twice as high as anywhere else in the United States. Regardless of what officials claim, it is not because of hiring unions. The real reason is the exorbitant prices companies have to pay in regulation fees to build. The only big city more expensive to build in is London.

There are several ways to decrease building costs. The largest being decreasing or eliminating regulation fees. Second, using cost efficient and innovative techniques to build. New methods would save money, save energy, and help protect the environment. Also, officials will cite safety measures as a reason for inflated prices, but it is easy to build safe with no additional costs.


Construction costs have risen five percent since 2015. In order to still have money for themselves, contractors are forced to place higher bids for jobs. Last year, New York City spent $40 billion dollars in new infrastructure. Money saved on any of those projects could have been used towards other more critical issues New York City faces such as homelessness.


Currently, Mayor de Blasio has his Zoning for Equality and Affordability Act making its way through the legislature. This bill would provide affordable housing for lower income families and senior citizens. These buildings would be constructed through inexpensive strategies.

Unions should not be blamed for expensive building projects, but regulations put in place by politicians.


Source: LaborPress News