New Webcast Available! Learn More About Online Student Safety

AFSA members are invited to watch an exclusive webcast on Making Online Student Safety a Priority available here

This offers an opportunity for all school leaders to learn more about this issue facing all our schools. This informative hour-long webcast is be hosted by Gaggle, a provider of safe online learning tools.

Gain useful knowledge and skills on how to:

  •  Find the right balance when using technology in the classroom
  •  Incorporate digital citizenship into a curriculum
  •  Add digital citizenship into a curriculum
  •  Hear emotional stories about how potentially harmful student situations were avoided

This webcast is a critical first step toward implementing the Student Privacy and Security resolution recently adopted at the AFSA 14th Triennial Convention, which aims to educate AFSA members on student privacy and data issues, and in support of balanced student privacy legislation.

Watch it here: