Roch Girard

Roch J. Girard

Roch J. Girard served as AFSA’s secretary for nine years and is currently serving his second term as a GEB member.

He is president of the Connecticut Federation of School Administrators (CFSA), winning reelection in May 2009 to an unprecedented fifth three-year term. He originated the office of CFSA secretary treasurer, an office he held for 17 years prior to being elected president.

He was president of the East Hartford Administrative and Supervisory Unit, AFSA Local 42 for 27 years. President Girard worked in the East Hartford public schools for 34 years as a principal, assistant principal, administrator, and teacher for elementary and middle school grades.

He holds many board positions, including Chairman of the Connecticut Advisory Council for School Administrators Professional Standards Board and Chairperson for the Connecticut Coalition for Public Education.