One Year After Sandy Hook

Today we remember the children, staff members and educators, including AFSA member Dawn Hochsprung, whose lives were needlessly ended in the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting one year ago.

As we began 2013, school safety was at the forefront of our national discussion, but as the year progressed it seems this crucial issue has fallen to the wayside. Schools are still operating without the necessary resources, training, school counselors, school safety equipment or safety plans in place.

Immediately following Sandy Hook, we called for a National Task Force dedicated to determining the best practices in school safety. Now, once again, we call on Congress not to forget the events of December 14, 2012, and to invest in the safety of our nation’s schools. Specifically, this means providing schools with increased resources to purchase necessary school safety equipment, adequately staffing all schools, and training all school personnel on school safety procedures and plans.

As we pause to remember the lives lost at Sandy Hook, we must give thanks for our families and communities. We must teach our children tolerance in an ever changing and diverse society and finally, we must commit to holding our policymakers accountable to ensure school safety is, and remains a national priority.