NYSNA Fights for a Fair Contract

ALBANY, NY– Hospitals should never be unprepared. This possibility is inching closer each day across New York, and nurses are afraid. Their jobs are to save lives. They cannot do this while understaffed and in poor working conditions.

Recently, members of the New York Nurses Association from three different state hospitals came together to fight for a fair contract. The biggest issue they are pushing for is a better staff to patient ratio. Right now, nurses are working with limited help.

The New York Nurses Association has previously worked with over sixty hospitals and secured solid contract agreements. Those contracts have positively impacted the lives of 26,000 New York nurses. However, patients are also impacted. Improved hospital conditions and more caregivers will increase the patient experience. One nurse stated, “Having a fair contract is important to me as a nurse, a mother, and a New Yorker.”

Source: LaborPress News