NYS Recovers Millions in Fraudulent Paid Unemployment Claims

NEW YORK—As the first quarter of 2016 ends, many institutions are releasing their banking statements. Just in the first four months alone, New York had reclaimed $1.35 million worth of illegally obtained insurance benefits in a special investigation by the New York State Department of Labor.

The $1.35 million is the most ever recovered in a single quarter. This follows Governor Cuomo’s dedication to cracking down on fraudulent insurance claims. The trust fund does not have an endless supply flow of money. With limited resources, it is important that money only goes to those who are truly in need. After releasing the financial information, Governor Cuomo reminded his constituents that New York has a no tolerance policy when it comes to crooked financial activity.

Any monies that are wrongfully taken from the trust fund are then not available for proper unemployed citizens in need of benefits. Roberta Reardon, New York state Labor Commissioner reassured New Yorkers that the state is doing everything that they can to assure funds are not misused. Last year, New York regained $3.7 million of wrongfully distributed unemployment benefits.

Source: LaborPress News