NLRB Declares Drivers as Employees with Right to Vote to Unionize

TUSCAN, Ariz. – The Office and Professional Employees (OPEIU) announced that the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) are recognizing taxi drivers as legal “employees” with the right to vote to unionize.

This final ruling is considered to be significant because the NLRB has provided official approval to the fact that taxi drivers are employees “whose firms govern their wages and working conditions.”

Nearly 200 taxi drivers in Tuscan, Arizona have the opportunity for job protection and wage bargaining. OPEIU recognizes and represents 4,000 taxi drivers in Las Vegas and San Diego.

“This group of drivers did as much as they could on their own,” said OPEIU President Michael Goodwin. “Within three months of turning to OPEIU, we’re pleased to see a favorable decision from the NLRB and are now preparing to for an election.”

Several firms argued that such drivers are independent contractors and do not have the ability to unionize. The National Labor Relations Board rejected this argument.

“The NLRB found that at both FedEx and in Tucson, the drivers did not have ‘real or feasible’ opportunities for losses or gains,” OPEIU said. “Therefore, they’re employees.”

Source: PAI