Next Generation Carpenters Gain Hands-On Experience

NEW YORK– Recently, the Carpenters Labor Technical College of New York hosted its Apprentice Contest for the 47th year. This contest is for any of the 1,000 enrolled students who have completed their four year apprenticeship program and are soon entering the field. One contestant stated that the competition makes him appreciate his skill more. Being able to showcase his craft makes him proud.

There were competitions for interior systems, general carpentry, and millwright work. Attendees also witnessed demonstrations on floor covering, cabinet making, and dock making. The students competing have spent a lot of time learning from and working alongside some of the best carpenters in New York. The competition is the boss’ way of essentially “passing the torch” to his assistant.

After the competition the students must prepare for graduation. Following graduation they will be upgraded to the title of mechanic and ready to begin looking for jobs. Graduating seniors are optimistic about the workforce they are entering. Many of them told the newspaper that they have not experienced any lulls during their apprenticeship, there were always jobs coming in. Hopefully that trend will continue and their wages will no longer be in danger of varying economic fluctuations.

Source: LaborPress News