New Report Finds Controversial “Renew Newark” Plan to be a Failure

A new report by Alliance for the Newark Public Schools highlights the failures of Newark Superintendent Cami Anderson’s controversial “Renew Schools” program. The report found that not only were the student outcomes not met, but that student achievement actually dropped.

The Alliance for the Newark Public Schools is a coalition compromised of various professional and community groups including AFSA local 20. In their report they wrote, “The results of this analysis clearly demonstrate that the Superintendent’s Renew School Initiative not only falls short of her target, but in fact her conversions had a profound negative effect on student academic achievement.”

Newark Mayor Ras J. Barka and the city’s Chief Education Officer Dr. Lauren Wells issued a press release once again urging State Acting Education Commissioner David Hespe to investigate Anderson’s initiative saying, “We have repeatedly said that state management of the Newark public schools under Superintendent Anderson and her reform program has left to utter mismanagement of our schools and endangered the education of our youth, putting Newark’s future at grave risk. These findings released by the Alliance for Newark Public Schools clearly show the impact of the renew school strategy program is ineffective. I urge Commissioner Hespe to review these findings as he evaluates the effectiveness of the Renew Schools plan.”

According to the report each of the eight schools failed to meet Superintendent Anderson’s target of 50 percent proficiency rate in either the LAL or MATH portion of the NJ ASK as set in her plan. In every one of the 16 measures, the proficiency rate was found to be below 50 percent. In one school, the pass rate only reached 17.3 percent. These numbers were described in the report as a “spectacular failure” The report also concluded that in comparison, pass rates fell in 13 of the 16 tests, making the pass rates lower than they were before the implementation of the plan.

The report was distributed to the State Department of Education, the City Board of Education, Newark Public Schools and other dignitaries in hopes to put an end to the dismantling of Newark’s public schools by Anderson’s plan. For more information, please visit the links below.

Full report from Alliance for the Newark Public Schools

Report from Bob Braun