New Jersey Unions Seek Out Fairness Over Pension Payments

Led by the Communications Workers, New Jersey’s union public workers sought out to battle with GOP Governor Chris Christie over deliberately missed pension payments to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Christie had agreed to pay, but unfortunately fell back on his word claiming the state couldn’t afford it. He offered to pay $682 million for the fiscal year that ended June 30, but not the 2.25 billion the contract with pension funds, and that law, requires.

On June 9, it was the 5-2 decision where the New Jersey Supreme Court backed Christie. Justices were approached on September 8 by a unions’ brief.

Trying to avoid enforcing the federal constitution’s contract clause, once again the New Jersey Supreme Court has eviscerated that clause as it applies to multi-year contracts entered into by the state.

Not only has this case been important to New Jersey workers, but to workers throughout the U.S. It was reported “many states have constitutional provisions covering contract obligation, as New Jersey does, and the case would give the justices the opportunity to rule on those requirements.”

Unions have pointed out that the Supreme Court should take on the case “to avoid the decision because a road map for making the contract clause a dead letter,” which occurred nearly forty years ago.

The Communication Workers are joined by other unions who are taking this case to the U.S Supreme Court, “including the New Jersey affiliates of the Fire Fighters, of both teacher unions, a police federation” and many more.

Source: PAI