Nevada Unions Push Trump to Recognize Fair Pay for Hotel Employees

It is time for the 2016 presidential campaign to not only acknowledge and listen for the sake of his hotel employees and finally pay them in acceptable Las Vegas living wages, but the existence of the union itself.

Nevada is known to be a heavily unionized state.

There are over 500 employees, who sought to join Hotel Employees and Restaurant Employees Local 226, currently batting Trump management over recognition, wages and working conditions.

“I came from Mexico many years ago and became an American citizen to have a better opportunity for me and my family,” said Maria Jaramillo, a housekeeper at the Trump Las Vegas. “This country is a nation of immigrants, and we all work hard and deserve to be treated fairly.”

Individuals have provided indication of verbal and physical assaults made by hotel management, ironically not following the boss’ current campaign slogan of “Make America Great Again!”

“Donald Trump says he wants to make America great again,” said Geoconda Arguello-Kline, secretary-treasurer for the 55,000-member local, Nevada’s largest, “Trump should start right here in Las Vegas with workers at his hotel. They deserve equal treatment and should be respected for their contributions to this great city.”

Hotel workers participated in a march through downtown Las Vegas, and two days later, were joined by Democratic presidential contender Martin O’Malley in a pro-worker press conference.

O’Malley was present in state to address the Nevada AFL-CIO convention, along with fellow Democrats presidential candidates, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

“There are a couple of things Donald Trump doesn’t understand. First, if we want to our economy to grow (then) we need to treat our workers with dignity and respect, pay them better and respect their right to organize. Secondly, in every generation, new American immigrants have made our economy stronger and better.”

Source: PAI