Nabisco Exports Hundreds of Jobs from America

CHICAGO—Nabisco has been producing Oreos in Chicago for over one hundred years. The company is well established there. Oreos bring in almost $1.2 billion of profits each year. So why would Nabisco move to Mexico?

The reason is because “Mexico has become the new China.” There has been a boom of social media posts recently announcing boycotts of Nabisco products. A big group boycotting Nabisco is the Bakers Union (BCTGM). With the move, Nabisco is firing six hundred bakers. These jobs are vital for communities in the South end of Chicago, having a strong hold on its economy.

In 1993 Nabisco pledged its allegiance to Chicago vowing to remain producing there for many years to come. As a thank you, Chicago gifted Nabisco $90 million worth of tax grants. Moving to Mexico several years later is no way of repaying a city that has done so much for the company. Also, it is hurtful to the hundreds of faithful employees who have given decades of hard work and now are unemployed.

One person avid about a personal Nabisco boycott is presidential hopeful, Donald Trump. He promised to never eat another Oreo. He is disgusted by the recent trend of exporting work to other countries. However, he says he does not blame other countries. The blame lies on our own CEOs who are willingly moving their businesses out of the country.

Source: LaborPress News