Money Bills Top Priority as Congress Gets Back to Work

Like the schools, Congress was back in session on September 8 after the August recess with the money bills as the top priority in the agenda.

The money bills are the short and long-term bills “to keep the government going” after September 30 and begin on October 1 for the next fiscal year. It must approve 12 money bills to all government agencies going.”

The funding for highways and mass transits projects will expire at the end of October, which labor has been pushing the bill “against GOP foes.”

“The Republicans have a number of policy riders that hurt workers,” AFL-CIO Director Bill Samuel explains. “Many go on the brink of shutting down the government, and over the threats involving the NLRB and the Labor Department.

Few threats including the following:

  • Moves to ban the NLRB from using any money to implement items such as the board’s new joint employer standard and ban DOL from starting its new overtime pay rule and several job safety rules, including one regarding silica exposure.


  • The Senate version of the money bill for the Labor Department and the NLRB also bans use of funds for the agency’s four-year old Specialty Healthcare decision, which the GOP alleges allows creation of “micro-unions” within firms. Courts have upheld the NLRB’s ruling.