Michigan State Board Calls Snyder Move Unconstitutional

POLITICO Pro reported that the Michigan State Board of Education said today that Gov. Rick Snyder’s recent move to take control of the state’s lowest-performing schools violated the state constitution.

“The State Board of Education opposes any effort to diminish the constitutional authority of either the State Board of Education or the State Superintendent,” the Democratic-controlled board said in a statement that was approved in a unanimous vote, The Detroit News reports.

Last week, Snyder issued an executive order transferring the school reform and accountability divisions of the state Department of Education to a new office directly under his control.

“Gov. Snyder has a constitutional and moral obligation to make a meaningful difference for the children and families in these most struggling schools, some of which have been struggling for years,” Snyder spokesman Dave Murray said. “We respect the State Board of Education. The governor wanted to take a more proactive approach.”

— Caitlin Emma