Massage Therapists to Unionize for Better Wages

PORTLAND, Ore. – Licensed massage therapists (LMTs) in Oregon are trying out the union principle – organizing and working collectively to improve industry standards.

The process to unionize is being made possible by Working America.

“There are no standards for the industry at all,” says Aneta Molenda, Working America’s lead organizer in the campaign.

“We want to open the eyes of the public, to let them know that of the $120 you pay at the high-end spa, your massage therapist is only getting $25 of it,” adds Weiser.

Many massage professionals like Weiser have to balance multiple gigs to make ends meet. Licensed massage therapists are employed as independent contractors in spas, health clinics or even work from home.

Earnings range from as high as $100 an hour to as low as minimum wage.

Weiser and other LMTs formed the Massage Advocacy Project to raise public awareness about conditions in their profession.

The campaign is prepared to officially launch on October 21.

Source: PAI