Making The Right Decision

Brothers and Sisters,

Right now, union members from around the country are joining together in Charlotte to make the values of America’s working people known. This November, we face an important decision about the direction of our country. It is not a decision about advancing one political party over another. It is about advancing a movement of working men and women to help move America forward.

As speakers have discussed throughout the Democratic National Convention, including his past employees, Mitt Romney does not understand the values that are cherished by the middle class, working America. He believes in the corrupt, unfair policies that are carried out by companies such as his own Bain Capital, which has offshored jobs and has succeeded at the expense of hard working American families. Romney believes in cutting taxes for the wealthiest people in this country, widening income equality and lowering the incomes of hard working, average Americans.

Mitt Romney also views education as an expense, while President Obama views education as an investment. The Ryan/Romney budget would slash education spending by 20 percent.

As we head to the voting booths, we can be confident that President Obama truly appreciates the core beliefs of working class America. He is in touch with the values of hard work and respects the importance of working together. President Obama understands what we are up against. This is why President Obama has earned the support of many hard working unions for a second term. We may disagree with Obama in certain moments, but we will never disagree with his commitment to building a strong support for working people.

President Obama has made a commitment to strengthening the middle class, which is why now, more than ever, we need to rally together and vote for the future of our country. Together, I know that there is no doubt that we will make the right decision to save the heart of our country.

In Solidarity,

Diann Woodard