Make a Voting Plan

“Elections belong to the people. It’s their decision. If they decide to turn their back on the fire and burn their behinds, then they will just have to sit on their blisters.”

Abraham Lincoln

Have you made your voting plan yet?

Next Tuesday, November 6, is one of the most important midterm elections in our lifetime. I know you have heard this line before, but you should have no doubt that the stakes are exceedingly high — for education, our labor union, our communities, and our children.

  • As educators, we know the threat posed by the accelerating push to privatize schools and to finance that effort by stealing funds from our public schools.
  • As union members, we know that collective bargaining, higher wages and better benefits are literately and figuratively on the ballot.  
  • As parents, we know this election holds both promise and peril for the nation’s moral fiber as it represents an opportunity to restore a more reasoned political discourse or to further embolden politicians who fuel the flames of hatred.

The best way to change the world — to protect yourself and your students — is to exercise your basic right to vote and get everyone you know to do the same.

Voting is our way to let big business and their paid-for politicians in Washington, D.C., in our state capitals, and on our school boards know that individual citizens still have a powerful voice and a willingness to use it.

People like us who work hard every day and live paycheck to paycheck still make up the overwhelming majority of our nation’s population.  We have the power to determine our future, but only when we are organized, educated, and mobilized to exercise our power at the ballot box.

Picking the right candidates can sometimes be difficult. We all have personal beliefs on hot-button issues. But please consider these breadbasket issues when you go to cast your vote.

  • Who will best support me in my work as a school leader?
  • Who is really looking out for our public schools and the children we serve?
  • Who will help me earn a living wage and quality benefits?
  • Who will protect and strengthen the retirement security I have earned?
  • Who understands the value of unions?

So it’s time to make your personal vote plan.

On Election Day, when will you vote?

  • Morning, afternoon or evening?  

Do you know where your polling place is located?

  • If not, find out before election day.

How will you get to your polling place?

  • Will you drive, bike, walk, or take mass transit, or need a ride?
  • Will you go with another person?
  • Your spouse or significant other, a neighbor, friend, family, or everyone you can find!

Now that you have thought through your voting plan, put it on paper and get a reminder email election day by clicking here.

This election is your chance to take control and weigh in on the issues that matter most to you and your family. When you vote, you have a powerful voice in determining our future.

The leaders we elect next Tuesday will make decisions that set the tone for the nation and your state.  Their actions will affect your job, health care, the economy and so much more.

Don’t turn your back and burn your behind, as Lincoln warned.  Don’t throw away your vote.  And don’t let your family, friends, and co-workers sit on the sidelines either.  Too much is at stake.

Get out and vote on Tuesday, November 6.