Lynch and Duncan Working to Prevent Youth Violence

Politico Pro reported that Education Secretary Arne Duncan and Attorney General Loretta Lynch spoke at the Youth Violence Prevention Summit. They delivered a positive message saying they’ve left more inspired by the young people in Baltimore and Ferguson dedicated to making change in their communities.

Duncan said he had never seen such intense student fear of police as he saw in Ferguson.

“We need to challenge ourselves as adults when we’re not doing the right thing,” Duncan said.

While Duncan was in Baltimore, students told him that they’re looking for summer and afterschool jobs. He discussed that schools need to offer a variety of afterschool programs and more job-related programs.

He also talked about how cities and communities should explore the possibility of public boarding schools for students who need someone to provide care and support.

Lynch discussed how she met many young people who serve as “a testament to the strength of our young people” on her visit to Baltimore.

She also added that the Justice Department is working with Duncan and Labor Secretary Tom Perez to end the “school-to-prison” pipeline and against zero tolerance discipline policies.