Letter Carriers’ food drive collects 71.1M pounds

WASHINGTON—The Letter Carriers’ 25th annual “Stamp Out Hunger” food drive, the largest one-day annual food drive in the U.S., collected 71.1 million pounds of food, the  third-highest total ever, on May 13, NALC President Fredric Rolando told the Postal Record.

NALC, its members, its allies and most importantly its customers, contributed the food, which was immediately distributed to local religious institutions, homeless shelters, soup kitchens, pantries and other enterprises that feed the hungry, the union pointed out.

“At least six days a week, Letter Carriers see firsthand the needs of the communities they work in, and we’re privileged to be able to help those in need while leading an effort that brings out the best in so many Americans,” Rolando said.

Both Letter Carriers and recipient institutions noticed the impact. Asheboro, N.C., Branch 2560 carrier Wyatt Thompson reminded The Courier-Tribune that carriers collected the food that Saturday even as they also delivered mail and packages.

“Letter Carriers witness daily the desperation of patrons who are suffering and they always respond. It is definitely the most demanding day of the year for all carriers,” he wrote.

“As the mail trucks arrived at the post office filled with food items, the Letter Carriers expressed how they were happy to be involved in making a difference,” United Way of Greater Lima’s Carol Braden-Clarke told the Englewood (Ohio) Independent.

“It really helps us get through the year,” Store House Community Food Pantry’s Charles Calhoun told The Vicksburg (Miss.) Post. “This is one of the best-organized things you will ever see. It is a real good thing they do for us here.”

Los Angeles Branch 24 collected the most food, with just over two million pounds. Letter Carriers from five other branches also collected more than a million pounds of food per branch:  Central Florida Branch 1091 (1.537 million pounds), San Juan Branch 869 (1.44 million),

Garden Grove, Calif.  Branch 1100 (1.37 million) and Pittsburgh Branch 84 (1.18 million).

Letter Carriers at three other branches collected more than 900,000 pounds of food each: Clearwater, Fla., Branch 2008 (988,756), Buffalo Branch 3 (916,516) and Tampa Branch 599 (905,000 pounds).  Two of the smallest branches – those with 25 NALC members or fewer – checked in with large totals for their size: Carbondale, Pa., Branch 163 (65,000 pounds) and Dallas, N.C., Branch 5690 (45,900).

Source: PAI