Last-Minute Settlement Averts Chicago Teachers Strike

CHICAGO—At almost the last minute – just six hours before Chicago Teachers Union members again would have been forced to strike – the union and the city school board agreed on a tentative four-year contract just before midnight on Oct. 10.

The contract is retroactive to July 1, 2015t. Its key changes are cost-of-living raises in its third and fourth years and 3.5 percent raises for new hires in January and July 2017. But they’ll have to contribute 9.4 percent of pay to their retirement, compared to 7 percent for current employees. The school board also promised huge new investments in schools and teachers.

“This is not a perfect agreement,” CTU President Karen Lewis said. But it is good for the kids. And good for the clinicians. And good for the teachers, and the paraprofessionals.”

Source: PAI