Labor News Around the Nation

PONTIAC, Ill.—See, text messaging and e-mail really does work in organizing drives. Graphic Communications Conference/Teamsters Local 458-M proved that in its second campaign at Interlake-Metalux in Pontiac, Ill. The Graphic Communicator reports that after a prior narrow election loss, the Chicago-based local used text and e-mail to counter manage-ment anti-union tactics and offers if workers went non-union. “We were able to know exactly what happened and inform the rest of the plant, especially before captive audience meetings,” organizer Rickey Putnam said. Low pay and unsafe conditions were key issues in the win.

GRAND RAPIDS, Minn.—Present and former workers at Magnetation, LLC, will get up to $1.55 million in back pay – in two segments — for unpaid overtime, a federal judge ruled. The Iron Range firm, now in bankruptcy and with only one of its three plants operating, in Grand Rapids, stiffed its employees for several years on overtime premiums for hourly production bonuses, the St. Paul Union Advocate reported. Operating Engineers Local 49 first found the violations affecting its members, then extended its probe to “hundreds of” workers, Business Manager Glen Johnson said. “We wanted to see everybody got” what the firm owed.

Source: PAI