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SALT LAKE CITY—Letter Carrier and Postal Worker lobbying led to expanding Postal Service services in, of all places, Utah, the Postal Record reports. While proposals to let USPS become a bank for the unbanked, to ship wine and beer, and to offer notary public services – among others – are marooned in Congress, Gov. Gary Herbert, R-Utah, signed the service-expansion law.

The measure, by State Sen. Karen Mayne (D), lets rural post offices provide Internet access, fishing, hunting and trapping permits, food stamp applications and online access to the state Department of Motor Vehicles, among other select services. The law adds Utah can train postal employees to help people access the services.

Herbert committed $100,000 to marketing the new services when they’re ready. “The slingshot for passage” came from support by the two top federal U.S. House members on USPS issues, Utah Letter Carriers President Philip Rodriquez said. But Utah and USPS still must work out the details.

Source: PAI