Recruitment, Retention and Training of School Leaders

Recruitment, Retention and Training of School Leaders

Research has found that leadership is second only to classroom instruction among school-related factors that influence student outcomes. Direct and indirect leadership effects account for about one-quarter of total school effects on student learning. Furthermore, the quality of school leadership has a direct impact on student achievement and teacher recruitment, retention and effectiveness.

However, training and capacity building for school leaders has long been overlooked. If school administrators are to compensate for all of the factors facing our children and schools, they must be equipped with the necessary tools and supported in the work that they have been called upon to do, as administrators are ultimately held accountable for student achievement and school progress.

AFSA strongly rejects unproven education reform proposals that call for the immediate removal of the principal.

Principals must receive a knowledge base of reform practices during the principal certification process, and this knowledge must be continuously developed through local professional development opportunities.

AFSA reviews federal legislation relating to the training of school leaders and has endorsed various proposals.