H.R. 778: Graduation Promise Act of 2011

Introduced: 2/17/2011

Sponsor: Ruben Hinojosa  (D-TX),

Cosponsors: 30, including Jesse Jackson Jr. (D-IL), Jared Polis (D-CO)

Summary of Bill:

Authorizes the Sec. of Education to make grants to states, LEAs for differentiated high school improvement systems targeting support to schools with low student achievement and graduation rates after such schools fail for two consecutive years to make adequate yearly standards (AYP). It also makes the states have some sort of overall performance indicators and annual improvement for schools. If the schools that fail to make AYP for two consecutive years, then there will be some of targeted intervention and a team to help improve the school. It also authorizes the Sec of Ed. to award grants to LEAs, nonprofits for developing effective secondary models that help struggling students and dropouts.

Latest Action:

Referred to House subcommittee on Early Childhood, Elementary and Secondary Education on 3/4/2011


How This Bill Affects Education:

This bill would make adequate changes to fix low student achievement and graduation rates in high schools. Schools would be given grants and have yearly standards that would track improvement.