Increase in Minimum Wage to a Livable Wage Needed

WASHINGTON – While it has been campaigned nationwide by low-wage workers, the $15 minimum rate is not enough for one person to live on.

The national average hourly living wage for a single person should be $16.87, at least as of the end of last year.

The situation becomes worse for families because the minimum rate is not enough to support multiple people. A living wage is a key factor to income inequality across the nation.

The reality is that we live less than a paycheck-to-paycheck life,” Stacy Ellis, a 42-year-old single mother of several kids and a veteran fast-food workers in Albany.

Women make up half the U.S. population, and particularly suffer from the low wages.

Unionization and equal opportunity would ensure that all workers have access to benefits and protections in the workplace.

American workers like Stacy are struggling, and it is time for change to happen. An increase to the federal minimum to a livable wage would be a positive decision made.

Source: PAI