Illinois Mayors Back Bill to End Lawsuits Against Fire Fighters

SPRINGFIELD, Ill.—The Illinois Association of Fire Fighters and the state’s mayors are backing legislation, SB1070, to end frivolous lawsuits against first responders and local governments, the Will County Labor Record reports.

SB1070 would let first responders prioritize resources without fear of being sued, when they’re handling multiple calls and emergencies. The state’s public duty rule was enacted in the 1800s, but the state Supreme Court overturned it in January.

“The only focus in emergency response should be the well-being of those in need. Our responders have one priority, and it shouldn’t be impeded by those who wish to profit over the misfortune of others,” said state Fire Fighters President Pat Devaney.

“The legislation simply clarifies what was established many years ago. There will be no negative impact on the way we respond to the needs of our communities. In fact, the only threat would be of the numerous lawsuits that would take advantage of a legal loophole that needs to be closed.”

Source: PAI