House votes to overturn yet another pro-worker OSHA rule

WASHINGTON—Never let it be said that Congress’ ruling Republicans let up on their campaign against pro-worker federal rules. The ideologically polarized GOP-run House Education and the Workforce Committee has found yet another one to dump, and the full House agreed on a party-line vote on March 1. The tally was 231-191.

In this case, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration put a rule in place last year ordering employers must keep a copy of their OSHA log of workplace-caused injuries for five years, or face federal penalties. That supersedes the current standard: Six months.

That five-year standard is too onerous on business, retorted Rep. Bradley Byrne, R-Ala. So he pushed through a measure using the Congressional Review Act – a little-used GOP-written measure that lets lawmakers kill any agency rule, permanently – to trash the OSHA rule. He calls it “a power grab.”

“Republicans know full well that the consequences of repealing health, safety, consumer and environmental protections will be painful and widespread,” retorted Lisa Gilbert, director of Public Citizen’s Congress Watch division. “But paying back their corporate donors appears to be their top priority.”

The slam against keeping OSHA logs comes after the committee approved prior CRA resolutions trashing two other Labor Department rules. One would force “persuaders” – more-commonly known as union busters – to disclose their spending. The other would force pension and IRA advisors to put clients’ interests first.

Source: PAI