House Votes To Name Post Office After Late NALC President Sombrotto

WASHINGTON–By voice vote and without dissent, the GOP-run House voted July 14 to name a Manhattan post office after the late Letter Carriers President Vincent Sombrotto.  The measure was one of a raft of post office-naming bills approved that day, including several honoring veterans and one for the late Sen. Barry Goldwater, R-Ariz.

The lawmakers didn’t bat an eyelash even after sponsoring Rep. Carolyn Maloney, D-N.Y., outlined Sombrotto’s union activism.   Sombrotto was NALC president from 1978-2002.  He joined the post office – and the union – after military service.

“As a letter carrier at New York City’s Grand Central Station in the district I represent, Sombrotto led the 1970 wildcat postal strike that led Congress to organize the modern United States Postal Service,” Maloney explained.  The workers won the strike and their demands.

Both then and after being elected NALC president, “Sombrotto worked to increase letter carrier wages, moving them from poverty level into middle-class levels,” she said.  And she lauded Sombrotto for founding the union’s annual 1-day “Stamp Out Hunger” spring food drive.

The Sombrotto post office bill now goes to the Senate.