House GOP Approves Anti-Worker Bills

WASHINGTON—The Republican majority on the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee is continuing to attack the nation’s workers and trying to take their rights away through anti-worker legislation.

Brushing aside panel Democrats and the American Federation of Government Employees, they’re extending their assault to the private sector – by banning project labor agreements on federal construction contracts – too.

By party-line votes, the panel on Jan. 13 approved several anti-worker bills. One would make it almost impossible for Senior Executive Service federal managers to contest discipline.

The SES members would have only five days’ notice of the potential discipline and only seven days to marshal evidence in their defense. If they did, the agency involved must rule on the issue within 21 days, and its decision would be final. Due process would disappear.

Another measure the panel approved would extend probation for new federal workers from one year to two. And the measure that hits private workers would ban agencies from signing project labor agreements on large construction projects.

The 2-year probation bill passed even though “there is little if any evidence” that it would improve workers’ performance, said AFGE Legislative Director Jacqueline Simon. She called its impact on all federal workers “indiscriminate” and added workers’ “competent supervisors” are in better positions to know whether new workers are passing or failing probation.

“Of course, the bill’s supporters are not interested in improving the performance of the federal government because their measure is actually designed to be punitive: Unnecessarily lengthen the time during which federal employees are at-will, thus leaving them bereft of due process and more vulnerable to politics and favoritism,” Simon concluded.

Source: PAI