Honoring the 12th Anniversary of September 11

Never ForgetOn this 12th anniversary of September 11, we pause to remember the victims and their families, and to honor the first responders and heroes who served on that tragic day and thereafter. In total, the lives of 600 brothers and sisters were lost including flight attendants, firefighters and police officers.  Many others have had their lives altered forever, developing fatal health issues as a consequence of their courageous efforts to find survivors and clear the wreckage.

We give a special thanks to our New York members for all they did that day and in the days following to create normalcy and stability for students in the face of extreme crisis, and to all AFSA members and educators for their unwavering service to public school children across the nation. As educators, it is vital that we keep sacred in our hearts and in our classrooms this heinous event that forever altered the lives of so many.

Although we continue to face challenges as a nation, we will overcome them through our collective strength and unity. We encourage you to participate and attend commemorative events in your area and to share your stories, comments and experiences with us, as well as with your colleagues and students.