Head Start Sends $3.6 Million to Flint

POLITICO Pro reports that Head Start has announced that it is sending an extra $3.6 million to Flint, Michigan. The money will be used to pay for more preschool seats, increased resources and a longer school year in response to the Flint water crisis.

This is a one-time infusion designed for the current school year with a possibility for early next school year. The purpose is to help Head Start respond to the crisis. The many forms of provided aid include increasing screening related to lead exposure and expanding transportation options for families that need to buy bottled water.

Head Start received praise from Sen. Gary Peters, stating that the program “provides the kind of early intervention and support that is going to be absolutely critical to Flint and Flint’s children.”

However, Peters also said that Flint will need extra resources in the long term to alleviate the effects of the water crisis and that the funding is “just a first step.”