Fight for 15 plans mass fast-food walkout for Labor Day, political activism

Fight for $15 And A Union, the mass movement of low-wage exploited workers that started in fast food restaurants in New York City and has spread nationwide, plans a mass walkout on Labor Day and political activism after that.

In a posting on its website and a “Join Us” request on the Internet, the group, which the Service Employees strongly backs, said fast-food workers plan to strike in 300 cities on September 4. It also plans “massive rallies” at dozens of hospitals, Bloomberg News reported.

But the group is adding a new focus to its constant campaign for a living wage and the right to organize without employer interference, intimidation, firing, harassment and labor law-breaking: Politics.

“Crisis. Our country’s in crisis. Time to fight back. It starts on Labor Day. Join us,” its website message declares. That crisis includes “rampant racism, wage cuts” and “attacks on unions.”

And it lays the blame for the crisis at the feet of politicians, specifically Republican politicians.

“The number one job of politicians is to raise the standard of living for workers. But in states across the country, Republican governors are doing the opposite – using their power to do everything they can to help corporations and billionaires at the expense of the rest of us,” it says.

“But they’re weaker than they think.

“In 2018, the worst Republican governors, (the) ones in battleground states are ALL up for reelection.

“Let’s throw ‘em out.”

While Fight for 15 did not name names, those GOP governors include Mitch Snyder in Michigan, Bruce Rauner in Illinois, Scott Walker in Wisconsin, John Kasich in Ohio and Rick Scott in Florida. All have pushed anti-worker legislation, and Rauner left Illinois without a budget for three years while he tried to use his spending plan to crush the state’s unions.

Kasich, Snyder and Scott are term-limited. Scott may run for the U.S. Senate.

“The #FightFor15 is putting our energy, our resources, and our power to defeating anti-worker politicians all across the country in 2018. It starts on Labor Day. Join us,” the group’s web message concludes. It’s already been retweeted by SEIU President Mary Kay Henry, and the Rev. William Barber, leader of North Carolina’s Moral Mondays movement.

Source: PAI

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