Fight Child Hunger!

Hungry KidsAffecting 16 million kids and their families each year, hunger is not only an issue of health, but that is extremely detrimental to a child’s education and emotional development. One in five American students come from food insecure families, meaning their household regularly lacks nutritious food. By the third grade, students from food-insecure homes have lower reading and math scores than their peers, causing a lag that continues into middle and secondary schooling.

For the well-being of our nation’s children, send the letter below to your members of Congress to say no to any further cuts to SNAP!

As a strong supporter of public education, I urge you not to allow more children and low-income families to go hungry. While the holiday season is a time of joy for many Americans, we know that one in five students come from food insecure families. And with the recent cuts in SNAP reducing benefits to a mere $1.40 per meal, the number of hungry students coming in each day will surely increase.

My community’s public schools welcome these children daily with open arms devoting their time and energy to providing them with the best education possible, but these children arrive at school plagued by severe hunger. As your constituent, I ask you, how can we expect to close the achievement gap under these circumstances? How can these children succeed when their education begins far behind many of their peers, and falls farther behind as the school days and years go on?

I find it utterly reprehensible that the House and Senate have passed legislation to cut benefits for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), albeit the House cuts are severely worse than the Senate’s. This comes on the heels of an already enacted reduction in SNAP benefits that occurred on November 1st.

SNAP is one of the most powerful anti-hunger tools available, helping 47 million low-income families and children each year simply to get enough food to survive.

It is time for Congress to take the blindfold off and realize that we will never close the achievement gap in this nation until we enact comprehensive policies to end poverty and child hunger.

In support of the well-being and future of our nation’s children, I strongly urge you reject any further cuts to SNAP.

Thank you,