Federal Worker Unions to Lawmakers: Increase Wages

WASHINGTON – Lawmakers have been sought out by federal worker unions to increase employees’ basic pay and use the flexibility it already has, to attract and hold talented people to federal service.

“The federal government was slower than private employers in adjusting wages. But the reason for the relative slowness of federal agencies to raise wages had nothing to do with the federal pay system and everything to do with bureaucratic delays and a strong reluctance on the part of the agencies to incur higher costs,” said American Federation of Government Employees President J. David Cox.

President Barack Obama has proposed that most federal workers should expect just over 1 percent raise for 2016; however, Congress was silent on the issue when the budget draft passed in late October.

“The federal pay system’s only real problem is the refusal of successive Congresses and presidential administrations to provide adequate funding. Federal pay is supposed to track pay in the private sector and state and local government for similar jobs,” Cox expressed.

Capital Hill will work on spending bills for government agencies between now and Dec. 11, which is the day a temporary money bill for the whole government runs out.

Source: PAI