Federal Court in Brooklyn Issues a Preliminary Injunction to Prohibit Trump from Ending DACA

The federal court in Brooklyn issued a preliminary injunction to prohibit the Trump administration from ending DACA and beginning the deportation of dreamers while the litigation challenging his plan continues.  On February 13, the court in granting the injunction determined that the ultimate likelihood of success is probable.
AFSA, with several other unions and educational organizations, filed an amicus brief in support of the injunction. Below is a summary of the decision:

On February 13, 2018 Judge Garaufis of the Eastern District of New York granted plaintiff’s motion for a preliminary injunction barring the Trump administration from ending DACA nationwide while the underlying lawsuit is pending. The court found that plaintiffs demonstrated (1) a likelihood of success on the merits in the underlying lawsuit, (2) that they will suffer irreparable harm if DACA is rescinded because DACA recipients will immediately lose their work authorization, and (3) the balance of the equities “weighed firmly in plaintiffs’ favor.”  Accordingly, the court ordered the Trump administration to maintain DACA on the same terms and conditions that existed prior to the Trump administration’s announcement of its rescission of the program and continue to process DACA renewal applications.