False Special Ed. Progress Reports Found in Newark, NJ

It’s been reported that employees of the state-run administration of Newark, New Jersey public schools have falsely recorded documentation to assure the city’s special education children received services required by law.

Credibility and legitimacy were raised issues about the documents produced.

Special needs students in Newark School are merely victims of the state-run operation, as top officials have engaged in activity that only hurt students’ academic performance. There were reports that the Individualized Education Plans (IEP) of some special needs children have been changed without the consent of parents.

“The latest report from the Monitor shows the State-operated NPS simply lacks the commitment and capacity to meet the needs of children with disabilities under the federal and state law,” said David G. Sciarra, Executive Director of Education Law Center.

While nearly tripling the amount of public funds from $91 million to $225 million going to the city’s privately-operated charter schools–the state has sharply cut back on funding for the city’s neediest students.

The law center reported:

“A major obstacle to improving special education services is the deep budget cuts made by NPS over the last three years. These cuts have had a major impact on the delivery of special education. In 2011-12, Newark spent $14,139 per classified student on the delivery of special education supports and services. By 2014-15, per pupil spending had fallen 18% to $11,482. The statewide average special education cost in New Jersey’s school funding formula in 2014-15 was $15,596.

“The major reason for these cuts is the Christie Administration’s refusal to provide all public school districts with the aid increases required by the State’s funding formula. In 2015-16, NPS was underfunded by over $130 million in state aid.”

Sciarra states, “The Christie Administration has chronically underfunded the district, while allowing charter school payments to grow every year with no assessment of the impact on the delivery of special education services. Children with disabilities are far from the public spotlight surrounding school reform in Newark. Their plight, however, is becoming more dire and desperate.”

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